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COVID-19: We Are In This Together!

We all know about the hard times we are currently facing as not just a country but on a global front. Who would have ever thought that we would be living in the middle of some sort of real-life pandemic movie. However, that is exactly where we find ourselves. And in these trying times it is important to remember that we are all in this together! Do we live life differently now? Yeah absolutely. Different however, is not always bad. See we have to appreciate the blessings that the COVID-19 crisis have brought us. We got so accustomed to living this face paced, high-tech life that we often took for granted the little things.

For example, dinner time used to be a mash-up of Facebook posts, IG live stories and often missed opportunities to become closer as a family. Instead of faces buried in phones until bedtime, it is rapidly reverting back to how it use to be. Family Time! Time with friends and loved ones face-to-face. That is a beautiful thing!

On the business side of things, have things gotten harder? Yes! Small business is harder to maintain. Big corporations are struggling to keep employees. The way we shop and live is totally different. However, we are in this thing to make it out better than we got in. It will take time. It will take effort and no small amount of will or faith or whatever your motivation of choice. That being said, we WILL make it out together.

“Alone we do so little; Together we can achieve so much!” -Helen Keller

The tenured employee without income will become a CEO of the future. Aspirations of fame by unknown artist will launch into world tours. Comedians who have no audience will be the next viral star. Kids who get bullied at school will now be able to embrace learning in an environment at home in which they thrive and grow to become the next ivy-league grad. Said bullies will have a long hard look at their own selves and grow beyond the antics.

This is not a wishy-washy pipe dream. This is our new reality. Our fresh start. Our chance to stop and smell the roses. So appreciate the little things, go for a walk or a run. Breathe that fresh air and have compassion for one another. Love conquers all!

Walt’s Pawn & Estate Jewelry Buyer would like to remind you that our community reaches far beyond Ocala. We are all one community worldwide and we are here to help any way we can. We are humbled by the chance to be here for you and truly are grateful for your business, feedback and love. With that, we invite to visit us anytime at the shop or here online. Thank all of you for without you, WE would not be possible.