Compassion In Pawn: Our Philosophy

Compassion In Pawn: Our Philosophy

Compassion in Pawn: Our Philosophy

At Walt’s Pawn & Estate Jewelry Buyer, we care about you. Most people come in not knowing what to expect if they have not been to a pawn shop honestly. However, when they leave our shop, the opinion is all the same. They are always grateful for the time we spent and the help we provided. Can we help everyone? Of course not. Though, even if we can’t manage to help you, we at least want to try and make your day better.

“TRUSTWORTHY SERVICE YOU CAN BANK ON!” is way more than a slogan. It is a business practice and personal belief. One that we ALL share here Walt’s. That is that without you, we would not be here. Without our interactions and impacts in the community that we make, we would be meaningless. We want you to not just know that but to feel it when you come see us.

Relationships in business are everything. How you relate to customers. How you treat the ones you can’t help. Not everything can be easy but without challenge, there can be no growth. There can be no success. Walt has taught every one of us to be transparent in what we do. How we think and operate. So there are no whispers at the counter. There is no secret about what we paid per gram on gold. We welcome any question and encourage you to do your due diligence.  

There are certain times in life when we need help, when we need funds to make it by. Sometimes we inherit jewelry from an estate of a loved one that passed. Other times, we have broken jewelry that we have had sitting and collecting dust bunnies to the point that it may become rabid any day. In these situations, you want a company that knows what to do and how to get you the most you can get.

You have got to understand one thing about pawn shops in general if nothing else. We are here to help you, not to hurt you or legally rob you. We want that chain to be real or that Rolex to be genuine. We are not here to offer you $5 for a $1,000 worth of gold. These are misconceptions and ones that we here at Walt’s strive to shatter every day. So give us a shot and find out just what we are all about. You will be both surprised and happy you did! Thank you for reading and we will hopefully see you soon!


Walt’s Pawn & Estate Jewelry Buyer

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