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Rolex: How To Know When You Are Getting Got!

There are many ways to authenticate a genuine Rolex watch. However, not everyone knows these little nuggets of wisdom. Before you get that deal that is “too good to be true”, you need to educate yourself on what to do.

Recent studies say that there are over 40 million counterfeit watches sold globally each year, with a net profit of over 1 Billion dollars. Lately, the rise of “Superfake” watches has occurred. In comparison to their cheaper counterparts, “Superfake” watches are made by craftsmen-counterfeiters that have mastered the ultra-complex design of the real products. These products are now being made to such a high standard that experts in the industry often have trouble distinguishing real products versus the fakes. Even Rolex dealers have purchased counterfeit Rolex watches! The best replica Rolex watches on the market have a high-precision, Swiss-Like mechanical movement, as well as intricate details to match the appearance of their real counterparts.

With all the advancements in counterfeit watches, you may ask yourself, how do I tell the difference and make sure I am buying the real thing? The truth is, without training and years of experience, YOU can’t know what to look for. So now what do you do? The answer, come to Walt’s Pawn & Jewelry Buyer!

We have years of experience and training. We have access to the best tools and resources for authenticating watches. If you are looking to buy a genuine Rolex watch, have your watch checked or verify a watch you are about to buy is authentic, come see us!

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