Rolex: How To Know When You Are Getting Got!

Rolex: How To Know When You Are Getting Got!

There are many ways to authenticate a genuine Rolex watch. However, not everyone knows these little nuggets of wisdom. So here we are, feeding the public so you can shop a little wiser and fuller. This way, before you get that deal that is “too good to be true”, you educate yourself on what to look for.

Even ROLEX has purchased fake/counterfeit Rolex! So don’t think you’re alone! The important part about our business is learning from mistakes, not to think they won’t happen. Own it, Learn from it and move on!

Red flags for buying are all around us. Feel the bracelet on the watch, weight and notice the finite details that make this beautiful luxury watch a mechanical work of art. See it is for these very things Rolex is known for, that help us determine whether said watch is real. Hence, the proof being in the proverbial pudding!


The dial of a Rolex will tell you a lot! Granted some of these can be modified after market, so it is not a sure fire way but it is truly helpful to our cause. Every numeral or marker, will be flawless and in-line. So if you see crooked markers, chipped paint jobs, etc; To quote Bill Engvall, “There’s your sign!”.

Also, look at things like the writing of “Rolex”. Does it look prisitine? Is it straight across or crooked?  Do the watch hands sweep or jump? Some of these answers will determine what you are looking at being the real McCoy or a fake.

When you get past these details and beyond that into investigating model and serial numbers, this is where your friends come in to play. And by that I mean, vendors. There are so many services that are available to us in this industry that to not use them is almost criminal. You have vendors like Watch CSA, Chronify and so many others. Not to mention, your own experience to lean on.

With that said, any questions you have, you can always reach out to us or any industry friend or contact. We will be more than willing to help you and possibly save you a lot of money!!

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