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Retail vs. Pre-Loved

Retail vs. Pre-Loved: Are Pawn Shops Safe To Buy From?

So let’s first just address the elephant in the proverbial room here: Pawn Shops are not some seedy underbelly of the criminal world. They are not a dungeon with barred windows, neon lights and fronts for all kinds of the bad element. We are a service that operates for one basic purpose. To help our community in times of need. The customers are always the basis for business. Granted, some companies in certain industries don’t value that aspect. They value the dollar. At Walt’s Pawn & Estate Jewelry Buyer, we are different. We value you!

So with that basis in mind for this blog post. I would like to highlight a debate that comes up more often than one would think. Should I buy from a pawn shop? Or should I just buy this new? On eBay? The latter are more reliable than a pawn shop! Right?

Up until about 5 years ago I never realized that pawn shops were home to such deals. I never even knew how much the mark-ups are in a retail shop and that saving that much was an option! Logically speaking, who doesn’t like to save money? I think just about everyone would say yes to more money in their pocket.  I’m not 100% but pretty sure anyway.

Now there is a question as to quality. Is that ring REALLY Vera Wang? Is that a good deal on a 1 ½ ct GIA certified loose round-brilliant diamond? I can get a 2018 MacBook for how much?? It seems like it has GOT to have a catch! Right? Wrong!

At Walt’s, we are all about deals! We are all about buying at a fair price so we get you the most money when you need it. Then, selling said items for a FAIR market value. So, when we say it is Vera Wang, we will show you it is. When we present that RBC with a GIA cert, we will show you the inscription and give you the print dossier to boot. We will scan it and print our report for you too. The point being that we will not only hook you up with a deal that will save you but back it up with a reassurance and exceptional customer service.

I have only been part of this industry for 5 years and I can tell you this. This is YOUR business. We are not here to hurt you or to make a quick buck on you while we pay you next to nothing in a dark showroom. We want you to not only feel like you made the right choice but to want to brag about it. So when it comes to trustworthy service you can bank on, Walt’s has got you! Come see us and find out for yourself.


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