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These Aren’t Your Momma’s Diamonds

In case you never heard of Pinocchio (which I don’t know where you have been if you haven’t but that is another story), it is a story of a wooden puppet that wanted to become a REAL boy. What does this story have to do with what we are discussing today? Great question! To answer, many people think lab grown diamonds are not a REAL diamond. They are the Pinocchio of the diamond market. This would be a HUGE mistake to think. In this article, we are going to dive in to just some of those reasons why.

First thing is first! There is no denying that natural diamonds are something to be admired and to be be cherished by whoever receives these beautiful stones. However, to say that a “LG” or Lab-Grown diamond is NOT a diamond would be simply untrue. See there are diamond simulants such as Moissanite that would definitely fall under that umbrella. This is because these stones miss one vital detail; Carbon. However, the lab-grown diamonds are identical to the natural stone in every way. You can also get a lot more bling with a fraction of the debt. There are two main types of Lab-Grown diamonds, they are CVD and HPHT. The methods for both of these vary depending on application but it cuts out the time in earth and is ready for consumers in months! So less waiting and save money too? Who doesn’t like that?!

Now there are also those traditional people who prefer the natural diamonds and I totally get it. New things or modified things can be scary and viewed as less than by some. To these customers, just knowing the journey that diamond has had coming to life and making it’s way in their ring, earrings or pendants makes all the difference. It is truly a fascinating ride that these things go through to get to us! I mean every single stone has 1-3 BILLION years of life to it! And that is just growing. Not to mention the mining, the cutting, polishing and setting. And isn’t that worth the investment?

At the end of the day, the natural diamonds will always have a higher value because of this process and investment in their appeal and appearance. These steps and also the fact that the second-hand market on the Lab-Grown diamonds is new. This means they have a fraction of their retail value on the second-hand market, which discourages some buyers. Ultimately, this is a buyer’s decision but these are just some highlights to both to educate you a little further.